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Codidact FAQ

What is Codidact?

Codidact is an open-source initiative to provide a high-quality, community-controlled, open source Q&A platform. Visit to learn more about the platform we're building to empower anyone to host a Q&A community, or visit to browse our family of hosted communities.

Who runs Codidact?

Users just like you! The software is built and hosted by volunteers who are passionate about the need for a community-driven Q&A site. Each site is moderated by a team of dedicated, experienced users who spend their time weeding out spam, coaching newcomers, and ensuring questions are on-topic and high-quality.

As of July 2020, the current organisation structure looks like this:

Team Lead: ArtOfCode. Underneath Team Lead are Community Lead (cellio) and Tech Lead (luap42), as well as Group Leader: Design (mattjbrent) and the Admin role. Under Tech Lead are Group Leader: Backend and Group Leader: Frontend (Kieran). Under Community Lead is Group Leader: Developer Docs (Mithrandir24601) and Group Leader: User Docs (Sarah & Mithical). Off to the side is Project Leaders, and underneath the Project Leaders, Admins, and Group Leaders are Contributors.

How do I ask a question?

You will need to register an account. Make sure you are logged into the appropriate topic-related site for your question and click the "Ask Question" button at the top of the page. A template should appear with helpful guidelines on how to ask a quality question. Note that some communities may require you to have a certain trust level before asking a question; always check out the local FAQ page for important information before contributing.

What are trust levels and how are they calculated?

Trust levels are the system Codidact uses to determine user privileges. Everyone starts at Trust Level 0 and gradually gains the ability to contribute at a higher level. Trust levels are earned by positively contributing to the site. For more information, see

What does it mean that Codidact is community-controlled? What makes it different from any other Q&A site?

Most Q&A sites are run by companies whose primary goal is to make a profit for their shareholders. This leads to a situation where bringing in revenue can be more important than the health of the community using the site. On Codidact, the users control the communities they use, so there's no conflict of interest between quality and the bottom line.

What license do my posts fall under?

Most posts fall under CC BY-SA 4.0. Some communities or contributors may use a license that more closely aligns with the content posted or their ideological position. Check a community's local FAQ page and Terms of Service for site-specific details.

How can I contribute?

The best way to contribute is by joining a community and submitting quality questions and answers! If you want to join our technical team, check out our GitHub site here to get started.

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